How to earn extra money working at home


To give you an understanding of why I was interested in learning, and now sharing how to earn extra money working at home, I’ll just give a brief description of a typical day for us.

On a lucky night, both during the week, and on weekends, my wife and I may get both children asleep, or at least quiet in their beds, by 8pm.


That is on a GOOD night-meaning we then might be lucky enough to have about 2 hours of actual time to ourselves, before we both head to bed ourselves-usually around 10-10.30pm.



In that way, it often simply means that when we’re ‘lucky’ the weekend for my wife and I, may consist of all up, about 4 hours to do what we want. After those 4 hours are up, it’s back to Monday, to start the process all over again.



This lack of time, lack of energy, and constant exhaustion, are pretty major factors in my desire to try to find alternative ways to break away from my 9-5 Monday to Friday employment grind.


Of course, my job isn’t necessarily the ‘problem’ it just takes all my Monday to Friday hours between around 7.30am and 5pm, and without having to commute to work, working from home would give me a lot more flexibility and freedom.


With the pandemic that presented itself to us all in 2020, many people were able to continue their jobs from home-although I’ve heard many of these people complain during this time, about having to do all their work at home, they are still what I consider the ‘lucky’ ones out of this pandemic, especially compared to those who worked in industries that were practically shut down overnight due to the virus.


I only refer to those working from home as ‘lucky’ because all through last year, as I watched these people on news stories complain of being ‘bored’ stuck at home, I was coming back to work every single day at the hospital I work in.


Hospitals, and the health care industry as a whole, is of course one industry that only ramped up, by about 1000% due to the pandemic.


Not only that, but of course, being a hospital, it’s where most people go if they aren’t feeling well, so every day, it was a little scary last year-in the way of not wanting to contract the virus, by working in a health care facility.


I am still coming to work every weekday, and still dreaming of being able to not have to do that, and instead, remaining home, building the foundations of a legacy I hope to leave to my children, to help look after them as they progress and grow in this ever-changing world.


This new way of working from home that many people experienced in 2020 is not quite the ‘work from home’ concept I’m talking about here. This one is much more exciting, more in line with your own interests and goals, and one way that can enable you to start generating what is practically a limitless amount of revenue.

Buying back time -The work from home concept

For my wife and I, time is the number one commodity we just never seem to have enough of. By the time we have taken care of all of our children’s needs and demands, then put the rest of our energy into being effective team members in our jobs, there is pretty much nothing left in the tank.


Once the kids are finally asleep, there’s usually about 1 to 1.5 hours left in our day for us to ‘enjoy’ before we have to go to bed in order to be ready to get up and do it all over again.

The work from home concept has always appealed to me, as I’ve never liked the idea of spending 40 hours a week plus, making somebody else richer, but have done so since the age of 16, 25 years ago.


One of the biggest issues I see with working full time for another person or company, is understanding the fact that when doing so, you are truly trading your time for a wage-a wage that will only ever go up, if the managers decide you’re worthy of a raise-and will generally only be a fairly minimal addition to your take home pay.


I believe this is why many successful people have previously claimed that one will “never be rich or wealthy working for someone else” because in doing so, you are handing over all the power to your employer, so THEY get to determine what they feel YOUR time (of 40hrs p/wk +) is worth.



This is one big reason why I have created this website, to try to give myself and my family something for ourselves, something that has actual meaning to us, and a medium for trying to help others out there struggling through similar circumstances as us with autism related issues or frustrations.



Wealthy Affiliate-a platform for everyone


This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. Wealthy affiliate is an awesome platform that provides beginners, and experienced ‘webmasters’ the opportunity to join an extremely supportive, helpful and informative online community of dedicated individuals, all with similar goals of leaving behind the 9-5 grind for good.


After researching quite a number of various online business models, websites and programs, Wealthy Affiliate, in my opinion, is leagues ahead of most others out there.


Practically every other platform I’ve come across online that offer similar services, all ask for your money up front, in order for you to get access to their programs, just to decide whether you like it or not, whether it is something you could see yourself being successful in, and whether it does offer you actual value for your money.


This is one of the key components that separates Wealthy Affiliate from most others, you can start an account for FREE, and actually  learn how to build out your website, put things together, and get actual hands on experience in this arena, without having to put ANY money down or register a credit card!


Obviously from there, you can continue on that path, which does actually give you your website, or you can upgrade to premium, which again, in my opinion is a flat out winner compared to all others I looked into.


If nothing else, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with phenomenal value for your money ($49 per month) and they even make it easy, by allowing members to pay on a monthly basis-that you can cancel anytime you wish.


The monthly billing alone was almost enough to sell me completely, considering one of the other programs I was looking into very seriously at the time, was $1200, which, at best, you could break into 3 “easy and affordable” chunks of $400-which, at least in my opinion, still seemed fairly risky, given that you cannot even see inside the system on offer until you part with your hard-earned money.




For the price you pay at Wealthy Affiliate, you get 24/7 support and assistance, you have access to nearly 2 million other members-who truly do support each other like nothing I’ve seen before.


The community component was a huge selling point for me, as being a not-so-tech-savvy individual, I have already asked dozens of questions, through both the site support team (techies) and in public forums to other members.


In every single case, I have had responses within minutes, (sometimes even SECONDS!) from the support team and other members, on absolutely anything I’ve struggled with.






Why you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to earn income online


One big reason the community factor is so appealing on Wealthy Affiliate, is because there are thousands of members on Wealthy Affiliate who are already working full time on their websites, and earning good revenue, choosing their own hours, locations and even topics to work on.


There are of course thousands of others too, who are earning upwards of 5 and 6 figure incomes, purely from their Wealthy Affiliate websites-and because it’s such a helpful community, you can ask them any questions you’re struggling with and they can tell you how to get past it.


Because so many other members, of all ages and backgrounds are already making decent incomes through Wealthy Affiliate, all you have to do is learn what they did, replicate that yourself, personalising to your own niche, rinse, repeat.


Training modules on Wealthy Affiliate that members have access to are very comprehensive, purposely designed for people with zero experience in building or managing a website.


You basically have someone holding your hand the entire way, with all the support and knowledge one could ever ask for when creating their own online presence.







Make money online with no experience

If you are reading this, and thinking “I love the idea of working for myself, but I know nothing about starting a website, or running an online business” then please believe that as recently as September 2020, if you asked me, I couldn’t have told you the first thing about setting up a website, or creating my own income streams online.


The training that you get through Wealthy Affiliate, I believe, is second to none, especially if you too, are starting from scratch. Members who have already been in the online business space for years pick up new skills and tips through the training lessons, whilst first timers can learn everything from the ground up.


The lessons within the training section, will take you from the very first step in creating your website-including picking your niche, and even the best ways to research various niche ideas, if you wanted to test how much demand is out there.


A great part of the affiliate marketing business, is that you do not need any experience whatsoever, you don’t even need any previous studies, or qualifications under your belt, in order to start generating revenue for yourself.


The lack of job security has always been a pet hate for me around more classical forms of education. In the traditional approach, you go through all your schooling, fine-tuning your skills and interests, then as you get older, you move into more specialised areas of study.



Typically, you will then often look to go into studies you are required to pay for, via universities and other providers, that can set you back anywhere from a few hundred, to thousands and thousands of dollars, depending on your area, and level of study.



My pet hate part, comes in mainly from there, as once you have all that debt from studying, you’re then still required to apply for jobs, just like anyone else, often against others who haven’t done the same amount of years of study you have. In other words, there are no guarantees, and even a $50,000 education doesn’t automatically guarantee you a job.



Not only that, but quite often, after years of study, you can then still be told that in order to be a strong candidate for a particular job, you will need to go and first gain some experience.







What is online affiliate marketing?


Online affiliate marketing is a multi billion dollar industry, that in light of recent covid related events, has only grown even more over the past 12 months. Affiliate marketing doesn’t require any university degrees, diplomas, or debt to get started with.



Quite simply put, online affiliate marketing is a process in which you get paid for simply placing links throughout your website, that guide users to various websites or products, associated with your website’s niche.



There are of course some of the biggest companies on the planet, such as Amazon, who have very well-established affiliate programs, that will pay you commissions monthly, based on the amount of customers you may have driven to their site.



However, the great thing, is that in practically ANY niche area you choose, there will be affiliate programs offered by various companies, that will pay you commissions for guiding paying customers to their websites.



No matter how obscure your niche area may be, just remember that with there literally being billions of people online at any given moment these days, there WILL be others out there who are searching for the types of information and products you can offer through your own website.



One of the best parts about affiliate marketing, is the fact that unlike traditional businesses, you do not need to buy, hold and store any products yourself at all, you do not need to organise postage of products, or even provide service on those products, post purchase.



With affiliate marketing, you are basically just tapping into an already existing need from a customer, and guiding them to where they could have that need fulfilled, and then being paid for your guidance or recommendations.


So, if like me, you dream of escaping the 9-5 grind, the commutes, the office politics, or the rigidity of the dreaded cubicle, to instead only working when you want to, where you want to, then Please click here to go and check out this awesome platform for yourself!





The online boom



Although, like any business, websites can take a few months (or less/more depending on your own output), the way I see it, the time will pass anyway, so would you rather continue working for others, living off whatever they decide your time is worth, or do something that could provide you with limitless revenue potential?



The answer to that question is easy for me, as I’ve already lost over 2 decades working for others, that in the grand scale of life provided nothing for the long term benefit of myself or my family.



Now that we have all seen the devastating effect the covid-19 virus had on our world, on our jobs, on the way we do business, and even on how we interact with each other, I feel there’s never been a better time to claim your own piece of online real estate.





Unlike many industries in our world that have been hit with devastating effect by the virus-such as pretty much the entire hospitality industry, the online business world can continue on in the face of these types of challenging circumstances.



In all respects, this is one of the few industries that has actually grown stronger in the midst of the pandemic, due to so many being stuck at home, with the internet often being the only portal to the outside world.


With the events of 2020 causing more and more people to be based at home for varying lengths of time, there are apparently around 3.5 billion people online at any given time in today’s world.



From a business perspective, considering with an internet based business your potential client base is the entire world, that is an insanely large pool to draw customers and traffic from-especially when compared to a traditional store based business, that have to rely solely on foot traffic-that will practically never reach numbers in the billions.






But I’m not tech savvy and already have no spare time!


Tech savviness is definitely not an area that should discourage you from creating your own piece of online real estate. Why? As mentioned earlier, a few months ago, I couldn’t have done any of this, I had no clue whatsoever about how to start a website.



Even as I write this, I’m still not very tech savvy at all-as an example, I still have no idea at all how to use Microsoft Excel, I’ve simply never had to use it, so to this day, it is a complete mystery to me, as are many things when it comes to tech stuff, computers, and almost anything ‘tech’ related.


The training at Wealthy Affiliate has given me much more confidence, and understanding of how websites are put together, and how awesome passive income generators, such as affiliate marketing, work.



Obviously this website (as you can likely tell) is very much still a work in progress for me, which is why it has a few errors here and there, and doesn’t yet quite look the way I want it to. But I still have a great deal to learn, and am learning more every single day, not just from the amazing training offered at Wealthy Affiliate, but also from the amazing, supportive other members.



Affiliate marketing is fantastic, because you don’t necessarily have to actively go out looking for business every day, all you need to do is place links throughout your website content, and then let those do all the work, guiding customers through to products and services they desire, even while you sleep!



I can completely relate to thoughts of “I already have zero time for myself, how am I now meant to fit in building a website on top of that?” as I too struggle with this at times.



What keeps me pushing forward with it all, is remembering that the time will pass anyway, so a year or so from now, I can either be in the exact same, tired, exhausted state, struggling for time and money.




I can choose to use the small slices of time I do have, to create something to help others in similar situations, share my experiences and suggestions, and to learn new skills that can assist in creating a life of our actual choosing.


Whichever path you choose, even when you feel exhausted, out of options, and completely alone, we just want you to know you are NOT alone in this.


If you’re raising a child who is on the autism spectrum, you likely have a very close relationship with tiredness, exhaustion and frustration.


My wife and I are very familiar with these feelings, but try to constantly remind ourselves of one of my favourite quotes “Progress, not perfection” as I feel it’s important to remember that just doing anything, no matter how big or small, every day, towards your goals, is 100 times better than just doing nothing.



Every step you take that is in the direction of what you’re wanting to achieve, is a step in the right direction. No castle was built in a day, but done so by adding bricks every day, to create a solid foundation from which to build and prosper for many decades, or even centuries to come.


What kind of legacy do you want to leave, for yourself, for your family, for your children? I know my answer to this, so if you do too, why not at least take a look?


It doesn’t cost you a dime to access this amazing platform, so you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Just because things may have always been done a certain way, such as working Monday to Friday, that doesn’t mean it still needs to be done that way.




Looking from a new angle




The pandemic has taught us how sometimes in life, in order to get ahead, or achieve a goal, we need to pivot, to adjust our approach, and to look at things in a new way. I have come to learn that after 25 years of working for other people or organisations, I am no closer to being financially free, than I was 25 years ago.



It astounds me that I, like many others, have gone through countless job orientation and training programs, probationary periods, and hours, days, weeks, months and years of doing things that held zero passion for me.




The only why I have for doing all of this, has always remained the same-in order to pay the bills, provide for my family, and try to ‘get ahead.’



The funny thing about all this is that most of us will not put the same amount of time or energy into things (like affiliate marketing) that could actually truly assist us in achieving our personal, professional and financial goals.



We’ve all been brought up under the notion that in order for us to ever get ahead, we must find good, well paying jobs, with well-established companies, work hard, in order to be viewed as an effective and contributing team member, and hopefully one day, have a chance to climb the ladder in.



The issue, again, I have with this ideology, is that after 25 years or more of doing this, I’m no closer to my goals, and all I’ve lost is many, many years, that could’ve been invested more wisely, by following my passions for writing, and for helping others.



I believe life should be more about all of us truly LIVING, as opposed to just existing in order to work, to keep managers, CEO’s and owners happy, and keep the rest of us stuck where we are-trading away all of our time, just in order to pay the bills.



Remember, even the Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos’ of the world started out just like the rest of us, with just an idea or a dream of doing things a little differently, and we’ve all seen what those pioneering roads they took have lead to them becoming.



Take the road less traveled, it’s time for you to start living on your terms, and to be your own CEO.


8 Replies to “How to earn extra money working at home”

  1. You have laid out the facts about how real life is for most people working a regular 9 -5 day job. Your article is written in simple terms therefore making it easy for any reader to understand and grasp what you are saying. I relate to your daily routine of coming home, time with the kids and lastly the limited measly few hours you have to spend with your wife before going to bed and then starting all over again the next day. Then you lead onto the work from home concept and that is when Wealthy Affiliate is introduced and explained. A true coming from the heart post that for me has appeal and if I wasn’t in the WA platform, I would be curious to further look into it.

    1. HI Helen, thanks very much for your feedback, I really appreciate that a lot. 

      Yeah the kids, plus work, plus maintaining a household, THEN trying to find that time to pursue a better way to live, can certainly wear us all down pretty easily. 

      The last part, if we just put in the time and effort needed into pursuing that better life, can definitely bear the results we seek, it’s just reminding ourselves to push through, stay the course, and it seems great things can happen. 

      Thanks again for your feedback, and I do wish you all the very best continued successes on your journey. 

  2. Money is very important and now that the internet is booming, opportunities like these to work from home are also bliss, it’s a pity that many people don’t know of great opportunities like these to work from home instead they keep working the 9 to 5 getting all drained and stressed out and are still finding it difficult to make ends meet

    1. Thanks for your comment. I agree totally, we were all trained to think that to get ahead in life, we have to trade ALL of our time for a wage-the wage that your manager decides you are worth. 

      The awesome opportunities available online these days to make a reliable income are available to everyone, but it is indeed a pity that many either don’t know about it all, or just simply don’t believe it’s possible. 

  3. Hi Mat,

    Firstly, thank you for sharing your story. I can not imagine what it is like to bring up an autistic son. I take my hat off to you! You are doing a wonderful job!

    Your explanation of the reasons why I should consider working at home is valid. It was perfectly explained including all the pros and cons of working from home. 

    I experienced much disappointment in “surefire” deals and that has cost me thousands of dollars and sleepless nights. When the pandemic hit me, I was made redundant. It was then that I had to re-evaluate my life as I was reaching retirement age. It was the right time to join and learn from Wealthy Affiliate to start my home-based business. 

    You are absolutely correct to point out all the benefits of working with Wealthy Affiliate. I have yet to come across any similar program in the market.

    All the very best to Christina, Andre and you!


    1. Hi Robin, 

      Wow thanks so much for such wonderful feedback, appreciated and then some!

      Autism certainly does come with it’s fair share of challenges, keeps us on our toes everyday, but we know there’s  millions of others out there going through similar struggles, many I’m sure of whom, going through even more challenging circumstances. 

      As with all parents I guess, we just try to do our best to ensure we try to prepare both our children for not only surviving, but ‘thriving’ in the world. 

      I’m sorry to hear that you too wasted time and money on other programs, with the somewhat ‘typical’ results that are all too familiar for many. I think even just the community aspect of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, offers enough value all on it’s own, given that we are able to learn directly from others already living the dreams many of us are striving to acquire. 

      Thanks again for your feedback, that is very hugely appreciated, and I wish you and your family all the very best too. 


  4. Reading about your experience on how you have been working at the hospital through this pandemic and also arriving home to work online building your business has encouraged me. I have also started my own blog recently. And it’s difficult to juggle all our responsibilities. But I would really like to successfully run my own blog so I am giving this my best shot.

    1. Yeah that’s encouraging to hear thanks Ann. 

      For me the work isn’t the tiring part (more the frustratingly time consuming part), it’s all the hours in between, especially the night’s with our daughter. But of course, those are also the absolute BEST times-the times we get to spend with our loved ones, so it’s definitely a two way street. 

      You definitely seem to write extremely well, so seems like you’re in a good place! I think it’s 100% a worth while cause-working for ourselves, especially at a time when there are so many tools to help us achieve this. 

      All the best to your continued successes, and thanks for the feedback, very appreciated. 

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