My name is Mat, and this is my wife Christina and I. This site has been created to share the experiences and insights we have gained into ‘spectrum life’ over the past 3.5 years, caring for our beautiful, severely autistic son, Andre.


Why Spectrum Journey?

Regarding the main ‘why’ we have decided to create this site-this goes back to some of the countless hours we’ve spent on our journey, performing various google searches for answers, locating those tried and tested ‘surefire’ products and life hacks, then being disappointed when they had no effect on our son.

Through speaking from our own experiences and successes with different approaches, methods and products, we hope to be able to offer some sort of helpful advice, guidance or peace of mind to other families out there experiencing some of the exhaustive challenges we have gone through, in raising a child on the Autism spectrum.

We are in no way professionals, and do not claim to be, though we are working with professionals, as part of the 20 hours of therapy per week recommended by our paediatrician. We simply hope to be able to shed some insight on things to expect (lots of chicken nuggets for one!), helpful strategies and techniques that we have had some success with, and product reviews of products or services we have had good results with.

Our Goal

We certainly understand how disruptive to the family unit it can be, having a loved one on the severe end of the spectrum, whether it be a son, daughter, brother/sister, or even spouse, some of the issues families can face can certainly wreak havoc on the calm, stable home environment.

Parents are often at their wit’s end when it is a child or toddler and nothing seems to help. We hope this can become a collaborative space for family members to contribute thoughts or suggestions, to those situations where the surefire way just isn’t cutting it. We absolutely encourage any comments or feedback that anyone may wish to add-if we can help just one family out there to know they’re not alone, and maybe try to provide some peace of mind, we’ll be happy.

If you have any queries, please feel free to get in contact with us anytime.

To peaceful homes!