This page we hope to continually update for our readers, with links, information and autism product reviews, on some of the various autism related products we’ve tested with our autistic son.


We can’t speak on this in any kind of professional capacity, but purely through sharing the successes and failures we’ve had with various toys or tools we’ve attempted, we hope that we can help those of you out there wondering what products may assist you and your family in navigating through the murky waters of autism.


Autism cap-“Please be patient I have autism”



Update: Our apologies, we’ve just realised the red one we purchased (pictured) is not currently available through Amazon, but there are other options with similar/same messages. 


Andre absolutely loves his autism cap. This is a very helpful fact for us as parents, as it would be practically useless to us if our son refused to wear it. The reason we jumped at the chance to get one of these hats, was due to the increase in (very) public tantrums/meltdowns our son has started to exhibit recently.


These meltdowns have gotten very loud, very animated, with swinging arms, legs and all. These hats were one way for us to not feel quite as much pressure to address the many onlookers of these tantrums with lines such as “Sorry everyone, he’s autistic.”


Thus far, we have noticed a few faces at each of these public meltdowns acknowledge the hat’s message and carry on with their business, so this product gets a big thumbs up from us.


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