To those navigating your own journey down the autism spectrum, trying to find workable solutions, we’re here to try to help.


Family life on the autism spectrum




We understand the sleepless nights, the frustrations, and also the joys of raising a child on the autism spectrum. Hopefully we can offer some helpful guidance to a range of challenges and behaviours common with those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 


With what we’ve learned thus far through personal experience, loads of personal research, as well as guidance through professionals we are working with, we hope we can offer helpful and effective ideas or strategies.


We’re hoping that through sharing our own personal experiences we have encountered along our family autism spectrum journey, raising our severely autistic son, we can help others in realising they’re not alone!


We sincerely hope you can find some answers here, there’s still a very big learning curve ahead for us but we will continue to share any concepts or knowledge we acquire, in hopes that we can assist you with navigating your way through the autism spectrum as a family.





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